Target Clusters

Food Production in Greater Osceola

Our food production industry employs 22 percent of jobs in the Orlando MSA, which are directly involved or indirectly tied to supporting this cluster. Greater Osceola is home to various companies involved in the transformation of livestock, agriculture, and other consumable natural resources into products for immediate and final consumption. This industry is slated for a more than four percent growth between 2011-2016.

With supply chain components ranging from agriculture production, agribusiness, transportation/distribution, and final consumption (e.g., supermarkets, restaurants, amusement parks, etc.), the food production sector still has significant supply chain gaps. Some key industries import more than 95 percent of their required goods and services from outside of the region, which is a huge opportunity for supply chain businesses looking to expand and immediately capture market share.

Food Production Benefits in Greater Osceola

  • Expansion of core industries in the county, including breweries, soft drink and snack food manufacturers, among others
  • Our region’s workforce has the skills to meet core industry labor demand
  • Osceola’s labor costs are 15 percent lower than the overall region
  • The raw materials, logistics, and distribution network is already in place

Food Production Incentives in Greater Osceola

Greater Osceola economic development professionals are available to talk about customized incentive solutions to help your food production business succeed in Greater Osceola. Learn more about:

  • Infrastructure development assistance
  • Property and sales tax incentives
  • Grants for your specific type of manufacturing
  • Workforce training specific to your needs
  • Capital equipment investment assistance
  • Becoming part of an incubator program